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Grassroots offers Lawn Mowing service to keep your turf grass areas looking top notch throughout the season! We offer service contracts tailored to your specific needs, and have created an interactive customer portal on our website so that you can see what services we are doing, when they were performed, as well as manage your account! We want to make lawn service easy for you, and provide the highest quality service for an affordable price. No lawn too small or too large, so fill out a request today!


Our crews are equipped with everything they need to manicure your turfgrass, and ensure your property is properly cut and maintained. We use a combination of large and small mowing equipment to be ready for all the nooks and cranny’s around your site. We can provide a mowing contract and schedule that will ensure timely work, and keep your lawn looking nice between cuts. Check out our interactive Customer Portal, and contact us today!


Sedges have edges! I had to say that, but really…doesn't this make the difference? A properly edged will set your lawn apart, and help to reach that professional look you are going for. Our guys have lots of practice and believe me, it is a real talent to do it right!


We won’t just leave when were finished, all our crews are instructed to inspect and clean their work areas before they go. We blow off the hard surfaces and clean up any clippings to make sure the job represents our standard of quality.

Crew Appearance

Grassroots provides Cabella's Roughneck™ uniforms with our logo embroidered on the front. We want our guys to be proud of who they work for, and how they look. We keep our trucks and equipment clean, and strive to be the sharpest looking crew on the block!

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